Whether you support a museum, state fair, art center, music festival, or government agency, it has never been easier to make smart, informed decisions about your events and experiences that mitigate risk while achieving powerful mission and business outcomes.

Developing a data strategy is a key first step, a plan for regularly and systematically capturing, assessing, and leveraging qualitative and quantitative data about your audiences and events. Used properly, this data can fuel your team’s insights and innovations for delivering better awareness, engagement, revenue, and other results through events and experiences.

Focused efforts to collect, assess, and leverage data on your audience(s) and events can:

  • Provide insight into what works and what doesn’t, identifying areas to improve for future events, from entertainment and other programs to policies, hospitality, and more.
  • Generate greater income through securing the headliner entertainment and attractions that are statistically most likely to maximize ticket and other revenue versus expense.
  • Demonstrate the value of the event to stakeholders, including sponsors, attendees, exhibitors, organizers, and community leaders.
  • Understand the anticipated return on investment (aROI) from the audience point of view, and evaluate the delivered return on investment (dROI) of the event – for guests, sponsors, staff, vendors, local officials, and more!
  • Understand the effectiveness of marketing and promotional efforts.
  • Provide feedback to the organizers and team to adjust and refine the event planning process.
  • Assess the level of brand exposure and awareness generated by the event.
  • Develop key understandings into your current audience to identify opportunities for strengthing engagement with this audience and/or develop marketing, programs, and opportunities to attract new audiences.
  • Evaluate attendee satisfaction and engagement.
  • Highlight opportunities for future partnerships and collaborations.
  • Provide data and insights that can be used to secure funding and support for future events.

Part of our RevenueMAX family of insight products, ConcertMAX is Foundation’s unique predictive approach that helps fairs and festivals make the best decisions on artists and attractions to book for their main stages and grandstand events.  Combining customized market research of your specific audiences with proven data analytics, ConcertMAX has the ability to: 

    • OPTIMIZE HEADLINER SELECTION: Deliver a recommendation plan that assesses whether potential headliners are underpriced or overpriced for the revenue they’ll generate for your event. 
    • IDENTIFY NEW OR ENHANCED REVENUE OPPORTUNITIES: Assess revenue-creation opportunities related to VIP, Combo, and special ticket categories for the audiences you have (and that you want to have!). 
    • MAXIMIZE GUEST EXPERIENCES that are likely to keep guests at your event for longer hours (resulting in greater revenue). 
    • HELP YOU DELIVER GREATER ROI: By better understanding your audiences, you can create powerful Anticipated and Delivered ROI to guests and sponsors, which will strengthen their commitment to your event through innovative activations.

Unlock your event’s next-level performance by harnessing the transformative power of audience surveys. In the challenging world of event production, understanding the minds of your ticket buyers and key stakeholders isn’t simply smart strategy; it’s the cornerstone of success. Done well, audience surveys accomplish much more than simply capturing a snapshot of guests’ opinions about your event: they can empower you to predict and evaluate operational, program, crowd flow, sponsor ROI, and community impact.

Our team provides a combination of on-site interviews with guests and participants along with customized online surveys that paint a full picture of your audience.  We’ll assess their satisfaction, their wants, and most importantly the “why” of their feelings, and then deliver a recommendation plan that incorporates implementation guidance and both revenue and expenses implications.

IMPACT360 is Foundation’s comprehensive assessment program that takes a deep-dive into your event’s planning, operation, and experience/engagement, then develops innovative insights and recommendations to strengthen your event’s impact and overall success. Led by senior consultants with extensive experience in envisioning, building, managing, and evaluating nearly every type of live event, our team looks at your event with an objective, outsider’s perspective. Each of the three areas of focus can be performed independently, but also may be integrated into a comprehensive solution.   

Each IMPACT360 focus area is assessed through an audit that includes every management and engagement aspect and results in a recommendation plan that includes step-by-step implementation and timeline plans. We look at your organizational health, your strengths, challenges, and opportunities to grow, and your opportunities to engage with your audiences and other stakeholders.  

Our primary objective to create a plan that will help you thrive! 

IMPACT360 focus areas include: 

Guest Experience Assessment

The primary objective of events is to powerfully engage with your fans, participants, and audience(s). Before you can develop your strategies and create successful events, it is vital to first understand not only your audience and its wants and expectations, but also to develop a deep understanding of the experiences your event delivers (or fails to deliver) to those audience(s). We pair focused guest research with on-the-ground event experience assessments to provide you with a destination and plan that creates a foundation for achieving success from both a mission standpoint and through sustainable high-quality financial results.

Management & Operations Audit

Our Management and Operations audit is designed to bring out the best in your team and create solutions to roadblocks and system limitations that limit their effectiveness.  We know you have a passion for events, a desire to excel, and a need to get more done with less. We will meet with your team to discuss your obstacles and challenges, learn about what your vision is for the future, and then create a roadmap that takes you from here to there to beyond!

Stakeholder Engagement Success Plan

Events, and the organizations that create them, can only thrive with the support of local communities, from local and state government leaders to sponsors and donors to volunteers and supporters. Our Stakeholder Engagement Success Plan leverages your outstanding events to build and develop your relationships with the community leaders, corporate sponsors, and committed ambassadors that allow you to foster true and lasting community impacts. Using our Foundation Engagement Model, we will create a strategic plan that can be implemented with success from day one!