Strategic planning is a crucial factor in event success and requires highly experienced and skilled team members. Foundation Events ECC offers a full range of comprehensive services, including concept development, planning and budget modeling, RFP and bid management, negotiating and working with operations contractors, developing crowd management and emergency plans, and implementing all on-site planning and management.

We look at events from a 360-degree perspective to best serve you, your events, and your stakeholders. Working with your team, we can offer guidance and mentoring, or we can provide selected services as your event contractor. Either way, our Foundation model is designed to offer you confidence in your project’s success.

Event operations require a completely different set of skills and responsibilities from event development and planning. Operations excellence begins with creating the best framework, including site selection and design, identifying operational needs, contracting and acquiring equipment and services, and looking at every aspect of your event, minute to minute to minute!

On-site management is the culmination of all of your operational planning. Like an iceberg, your guests will only see the tip of your work. Invisible to others, your operational planning and execution takes the most effort and creates the greatest risks and rewards for your event.

Our Foundation Events ECC team’s decades of experience in operational planning and management can provide your event with confidence and outstanding outcomes. From fairs and festivals to conventions and galas, we have you covered.

Event producers understand the importance of maximizing guest experience, attendance, and revenue. One key element that significantly contributes to achieving these goals is the use of a professional-grade ticketing solution.  Our team can help you navigate the decision process in selecting the right provider.

The key factors we assess and include in our recommendations include:

  • An outstanding purchaser experience
  • Ease of back-end administration
  • Flexibility and customization of ticket types, combos, and VIP opportunities
  • Comprehensive real time and historical data and analytics
  • Parallel systems for cashless events and vendor revenue tracking
  • Mobile solutions and equipment inclusion
  • Reasonable fee structures
  • Excellent customer service and 24/7 support

Your event has a powerful online ticket platform. And you also have a fantastic marketing program. Our team can design and guide your implementation of marketing efforts that use that power of your ticketing system and your purchaser demographics and data to sell more tickets and deliver real value to your fanbase! 

When planning an event, it’s critical to prioritize crowd management and risk management to ensure the safety and well-being of attendees, staff, and talent. As experienced event producers with a track record of developing both large and small events, ranging from 500 to 350,000 guests, the Foundation Events ECC team is well-equipped to help clients create safe and successful events.

Crowd and Risk Management are crucial for constraining liability, maintaining an event or brand’s reputation, and complying with local, state, or federal regulations for life safety and security. Effective management strategies can help prevent accidents and injuries, while proper risk mitigation plans can address potential hazards before they become problems. By prioritizing crowd and risk management, event organizers can minimize liability and legal consequences, protect the reputations of clients and venues and performers and investors, and comply with regulatory requirements, ultimately ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Foundation’s team includes senior leadership with extensive experience developing large-scale, complex events, such as food and drink festivals, concerts, and county fairs, industry-recognized experts in crowd and risk management who teach extensively in these fields. The team also includes a nationally-registered Emergency Medical Technician with specialized training and experience in sport and special event risk identification and mitigation, large venue evacuation and protective actions, and advanced crowd management.

It happens. You have a core member of your team that becomes unexpectedly unavailable due to illness, family issues, or because of a sudden departure from your organization. Consider our team your emergency back-ups! 

Our principals and contract event leaders are ready on short notice to join your event team for a day, a week, or even a month or more!  

Perhaps the top driver of great guest experiences is their interaction with your seasonal employees and volunteers.  Our team are experts in implementing procedures and management techniques that engage your front-line representatives, that motivate team members to achieve, and that increase your staff retention.  We believe in empowering staff and will guide your team to employ proven engagement strategies that develop lasting commitment. 

Alcohol regulations and permit requirements vary greatly from state-to-state.  Foundation Events brings over a quarter century of experience in bringing to life alcohol programs and alcohol-forward events, from initial creative concepting and detailed design, permitting with regional alcohol authorities, operational program development, and operations management. 

We have worked with alcohol licensing authorities to embrace the letter and the spirit of local alcohol regulations to create and operate alcohol events that are safe and engaging for guests, profitable for producers, and ensure that local government agencies look forward to working with your event in the future. 

While we operate across the country, our home base is Virginia.  We have a special program that meets the Virginia ABC requirement that the licensee also must maintain operational control of the event.  If you are a for-profit event producer in Virginia, we provide full-service turn-key alcohol licensing and operations management.  We encourage you to reach out! 

Outside of Virginia, Foundation Events ECC can assist events producers in specific areas relating to event alcohol, including: 

  • Alcohol-focused festival design, production, and management 
  • Creation of alcohol programs that enhance larger events (fairs, festivals, etc.) 
  • Alcohol program design 
  • Contract development, licensing, and insurance support 
  • Identification and recruitment of alcohol producers as exhibitors 
  • Alcohol partner/sponsorship engagement 
  • Operations design and management 
  • Crowd and risk management 
  • Inventory control and pricing 

Visioneering is at the heart of the “Foundation Way.” Think of your events as a GPS destination and visioneering as how we get from where we are today to where you want to be tomorrow. Visioneering answers the “why” of your events and allows us to create a pathway to get there.

In Visioneering, we create concepts for events and programs that meet your objectives. With your input, we then build out these concepts into full scale business plans, including strategic engagement, programming, building incredible guest experiences, determining needed human and financial resources, performing safety planning and risk management, developing marketing and public relations, creating a fund generation and sponsorship plan, establishing a ticketing model, and any other needed planning elements.

Eventscaping is a revolutionary approach to transforming underutilized spaces or spaces that don’t truly support cost-effective event production into dynamic and profitable event spaces. By leveraging the expertise of skilled events professionals, landscape architects, and construction experts, venue owners, landowners, historic foundations, and others can unlock the full experiential and revenue potential of their spaces.

Whether it’s an undeveloped field in a state park or a grassy lawn on the grounds of a historic property, Eventscaping can be applied to any space to create an unforgettable space for events large and small. By working with event professionals who understand the unique needs of event producers and renters, venue owners can create a space that not only meets their needs but also exceeds their expectations.

Eventscaping can generate significant economic benefits for the local community, as well. By hosting large events that attract large numbers of guests, venue owners can drive revenue to their space and local businesses. Additionally, Eventscaping can help create a stronger sense of community pride as local organizations leverage these spaces to raise funds and awareness for their causes.

Eventscaping is an environmentally sustainable approach to space activation that respects historic preservation and community use concerns. By utilizing landscape and hardscape design, Eventscaping can minimize event impact on the environment while still creating a visually stunning and functional space. This approach ensures that the spaces remain viable for future generations to enjoy.

What’s an Experience Multiplier? Simply put, it’s the “special” in special event. We live in a world where “traditional” means we’re not trying hard enough to create magical experiences and memory-driving activations. The Foundation model focuses on delivering on the highest of expectations by creating or modifying events to become all of that and more!

Think of Experience Multipliers as the special sauce in your event’s ingredients. Whether Foundation Events ECC comes in to do an event program and experience audit or we customize and create experiences for your events, we believe in your mission and objectives and will do everything we can to build amazing experiences! Popular Experience Multipliers include:

  • Beer, Wine, and Spirits Experiences
  • Concerts
  • Carnivals
  • VIP and Enhanced Experience Programs
  • Animal Experiences
  • Multi-Stage Music Programs
  • Silent Disco
  • Acoustic Performances
  • Food Activations
  • Karaoke Competitions
  • Auctions and Raffles
  • Live Art Experiences
  • Casino Events
  • DJs