Privacy Policy

1. Our Commitment to Privacy

Foundation Events ECC respects the privacy of everyone who visits our website. The policy on this page describes how we approach privacy matters related to the use of our site, the data we collect, and related matters.

This policy may change from time to time as laws are updated, technologies change, or our business practices and methods are adapted to changes in our business activities. By using our site and services, you agree to accept the practices as described herein.


Our websites, services, and other digital properties provide informative and convenient access to knowledge and services related to our business activities. We collect information using a variety of technologies based on visitor use of these services using various means, depending on how each user makes use of the site.

A visitor to the web site may have certain aspects of their visit tracked by systems designed to help us understand patterns and trends in visitor behavior on our site. If you sign up for a class, request information about a service, or make a donation, we (or a partner company) might collect information provided by the user such as credit card processing info or email address to complete a transaction or fulfill a visitor’s request.

Other technologies may be implemented to gather non-personal information to assess the state of our web (or mobile, etc.) guest experience and to ultimately generate insights useful to our providing visitors and customers with improved services and experiences.


We use a combination of technologies, methods, and processes to protect your data. This includes physical security at our work locations, internal policies and procedures to limit access to sensitive data repositories, and technologies and procedures used to provide strong, secure protections to web-based servers, services, and data stores.

While our partner companies or vendors determine their own policies, procedures, and technologies, we typically select well-known, proven leaders in their fields to provide services from credit card processing to donation management, web hosting, and more.

While no website, mobile app, server, or other computer system – or its data – can be completely secure, we constantly assess and reevaluate our systems with a goal of protecting the personal information of our valued visitors, customers, and donors.


In a word – responsibly! If you share any personal info with us, our goal is to treat it carefully and with respect. We use any info you inadvertently provide (such as browsing behavior data) to learn about how people use our site and services so we can make them better. Specific data that you deliberately provide (such as email, contact info, payment info) are used specifically to enable products, services, or actions that you request – such as completing a donation, signing you up for a mailing list, registering you for a class.

We don’t sell, trade, or share our user/donor/visitor personally identifiable data, unless so required by law (such as a court order) or other legal requirement.

We may, from time to time, share such data with our partners to enable effective and timely fulfillment of orders, class registrations, and other functions that support or are consistent with our mission, activities, and programs (such as sharing credit card data to process a transaction, address information to mail products to your location, etc.)


Our goal is to get it right, every time. But we’re humans, just like you, so it’s possible that once in a while we don’t get it right. And, of course, sometimes technologies get weird, too. So if something doesn’t seem right to you, please let us know, we’d appreciate hearing from you. Send us a note to and we’ll be happy to look into whatever concern you may have.


If you’d like to unsubscribe or opt out of future mailings, simply click the unsubscribe link in one of our emails. If for some reason that doesn’t work or you don’t see the link, email us at and we’ll take care of your request.