We’re on a mission to change the world – to change your world – one event at a time!

But we need your help to achieve this mission. Whether you’re interested in being a host or sponsor of an EVENTS101 professional development program, becoming an event sponsor to support community-focused nonprofits and CBOs by funding all or part of a meaningful community event, or providing supplies and other critical goods and services, we’d certainly welcome your support.


Foundation Events ECC’s mission is to cultivate exceptional quality of life through the creation of events and experiences and by providing education and support to event-producing organizations.

Your donation helps cover the program costs for delivery of our signature events education program, EVENTS101, so that we may support nonprofit and community efforts across the United States.

As a recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization, we welcome donations of cash, vehicles, and real estate in support of our mission. We’re also able to work with you, depending on the specifics of your donation, to accept in-kind donations of professional services, catering, performances, events-related equipment, or venue space. We’re able to accept cash donations online, by SMS/text, and by mail. If you’re interested in a non-cash donation or a unique arrangement we might not have considered, please contact us at giving@foundationeventsecc.org.

All contributions are 100% tax deductible* and you will be provided with a donation receipt for your records.


In addition to donating using the web form below, we now accept donations via SMS/TEXT MESSAGE. Just send the text events101 to (202) 858-1233.


Donations by check (made out to “Foundation Events ECC”) can be mailed to Foundation Events ECC, PO Box 11202, Burke, VA 20009.


Online donations can be completed using our secure web form.


Producing events has never been cheap. And thanks to the pandemic, supply chain issues, inflation, and other factors, it’s more expensive than ever. Unless an organization owns their own facility and resources, from pedestrian barriers to coolers, sign holders to audio gear and tents (and much, much more), it’s often hard to develop an event beyond the planning stages as the sticker shock associated with contractor quotes sets in.

If you shop at Amazon.com, you’ll find that we’ve shared a wish list (https://a.co/dZS8fKn) with some of the key resources that nonprofits, CBOs, and other community-focused organizations most often need to produce high-quality, effective events. Our goal is to maintain an equipment inventory that can be used to offset high production expenses and enable more nonprofits and other organizations to produce events that make a meaningful difference in their communities.

Our Amazon Smile account isn’t quite ready yet, but in the near future you’ll be able to specify Foundation Events ECC as your Amazon Smile nonprofit, where a small portion of every purchase you make on Amazon is donated to support our mission – at no cost to you!


Local governments, private corporations, and community organizations are welcome to host or sponsor EVENTS101 sessions. Foundation Events brings a full-day or two-day EVENTS101 session to a host facility. Another option is for one organization to sponsor the session, underwriting direct costs, while a partner organization serves as host, providing meeting space and other support services.


Full-day EVENTS101 Pop-Ups are classes that visit various regions throughout the United States each year. These events are open to the public, bringing foundational theories, best practices, and practical insights from experienced events instructors to students of all backgrounds and expertise.


Have a favorite organization that’s interested in starting or enhancing an events program, but may not have the resources to do it well? Private individuals, companies, and philanthropies are encouraged to adopt an organization. You’ll provide the funding necessary for Foundation Events to work directly with the organization of your choosing, through either a one-time gift for a specific purpose, or an ongoing donation to support longer-term education, consulting, and other services.


*While we anticipate that all contributions are 100% tax deductible, please consult with your preferred tax professional to understand tax implications specific to your financial situation.

Changing the World, One Event at a Time!